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DMX512 Wireless Transmitter 2.4GHz



DMX512 wireless transmitter transmits standard DMX512 protocol data (generated by console) by wireless way. No time delay when signal data is transmitting, signal data is real time and reliably. This product adopts a 2.4G ISM frequency section. High effective GFSK modulate, communication design; 126 channels jumping frequency automatically, high anti-jamming ability.



1. 2.4G wireless DMX512 transmitter

2. Automatic 126-channel jumping, high anti-jamming ability.

3. 7 groups ID code settable. User can use 7 groups individual wireless net without any interfere.

4. Each other in the same place. (Tricolor LED displaying Indicators)

5. Input voltage: 5VDC 500mA MIN

6. Communication distance: 400M (visible distance)

7. Work frequency section: 2.4G ISM, 126 channel frequency section.

8. Max transmitting power rate: 20dBm


Establishing Communication:

1. Power on DMX512 wireless received board and transmitted board.

2. Press "Key" button to set same ID value of transmitted board and received board, please use different ID value if you need to use more than 1 group wireless system at the same time in the same place.

3. The red LED flashes when transmitter transmits DMX data by no interfered frequency section, then receiver changes communicated frequency section. Green LED flash till received corrected same ID value, LED flash more fast once DMX data more fast.

4. Communication was established correctly then.

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