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Stage Lighting Control Techniques Introduction

Author:Songxu Lighting  AddTime:2015-3-18  Views:1235
We will certainly be attracted by colorful stage lights while watching a mesmerizing performance, the current auditorium stage lighting design stunning. In today's lighting design knowledge, we have to look at some questions related to the Auditorium stage lighting control.
1) Auditorium stage lighting control in a cold state at the lamp lighting control division if they suddenly push bright lights then it may cause the lamp to pop "sound crashing; or cause the lamp tungsten blown.  Faced with this problem our stage lighting control masters control techniques should grasp is that a light in the cold state (before the opening of the former), it will console fader only pushed a little (often said that the calender state) so that micro-light bulb, let in a warm state, to heat evenly, while evaporated condense on the bulb glass shell of water molecules, a few minutes after the warm-up, pushed a little brighter, and then after a few minutes warm-up, before the light completely push the light.

2) lighting control division have to remember not to dimming fader full state, and then turn on the power silicon box

If the control of illegal operations masters, so the result is still the problem of the failure of the first.

3) stage lighting control masters do not remember the order of lighting console and silicon case is reversed when the power switching device

Improper operation sequence damage to equipment is a normal thing, understand control technologies friend and that should be very aware of these.

4) In the operation control device when the lights should not push the light bulb when large movements of shaking lamps

The problem is rare, lighting control division were also more clearly.

5) When you replace the lamp avoid direct hand contact with the bulb, which will affect the finish of the bulb, and the other hidden hazards that cause bulbs decrepitation

In this step, the operating skills we use at the time of replacing the lamp, be sure to wear gloves, again touching the bulb. If there are no gloves available bulb packaging sponge, a soft tissue paper or plastic wrap, and then install it, you must remember that after the installation of these inclusions take down, in order to avoid a risk of fire when push the light bulb.

6) Never installed for color at the same time forgot to install protective nets, protective nets are to prevent splash injuries and burns goods bulb explosion.

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