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3D technology cracks the cost industry problems

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Represented by a 3D vision technology is now no longer the exclusive selling theater. Prospects in the industry view, 3D technology from film to real, and enter the entertainment industry is very broad, this technological revolution will break the industry's cost-performance problems, and even lead to new fission entire industry.

It is understood that in recent years, with domestic performance "sumptuary" the implementation, cost aspects of stage art has been popular criticism. There have been media reports, a certain period of Spring Festival host a dress worth 300,000 yuan, and set the stage scenery at every turn invested tens of millions or even billions of yuan. Hold a special concert the same costly. Many digital choreography device is not modular, standardized reused, resulting in a great waste.

"In the commercial performances, the necessary digital choreography investment to attract more viewers, the promotion of cultural consumption, and commercialization of digital choreography Repertoire investment often is used more than once by business virtuous cycle to promote culture to a certain extent consumption. Therefore, we should encourage business performance, the introduction of Western theater mode, stop acting and stage design digital convergence, digital choreography promote diversification and put our capabilities to encourage theme performances. "Stage Arts Association, vice president of China, China Stage Theater Academy of Fine Arts Dean Levy said that once the domestic performance was largely festive party, digital choreography arranged a one-time, resulting in a great waste. Professor of Chinese Opera Institute, president of the China Institute of Fine Arts stage Cao Lin also believes that digital stage design to today, is bound to be more and more non-physical imaging materials to replace the traditional way of digital choreography home landscape. One goal is also to reduce waste production materials.

"With scenery lighting and projection substitute materials is the future," the famous Czech stage designer Svoboda about this prophecy in the early 1950s, is the stage in all directions to create an integrated unfulfilled. From a viewpoint that the charm of science and technology, to create more and more to show their vitality, artistic creativity is increasingly becoming an indispensable partner.

"Small but excellent production of digital choreography, in fact, have more space can be developed." Senior digital choreographers Tao Lei believes that "market fundamentals out there, to see how creative played." Data show that after the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo, entertainment equipment market scale-up effect highlights, 2015, China's performing arts equipment market will reach more than 2200 billion yuan. An increasing number of performances and more and more attention of stage arts cultural consumption, for the market to provide the necessary digestion.

"Performance in recent years, the market environment is not ideal, show producers need to come up with more hit products. If the performance side to reduce costs, we must rely more reusable and easy tour transportation lighting, video and other technologies. Can no longer a lot of money spent on home landscape and props, that money must be used wisely. "3D magic stage show" Kalmar "Chupin big Hong Wei, general manager, said," From the international performance market, the figure is a stage choreography Best fusion point of art and stage technology is an important aspect of promoting innovative stagecraft Fusion more modern high-tech production of digital choreography, the stage is to stimulate artistic influence, influence, even the narrative style of the outbreak of the Innovation Stage point stage application of digital technology, intelligent technology, space technology, will stage performances gave birth to a new form and show the way. "
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