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"black" LED Display Technology Revealed

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In recent years, LED display applications in the digital choreography more and more common, and even become the stage for the visual presentation indispensable core. In the CCTV Spring Festival stage, LED display excellent performance on the stage undoubtedly attract many visitors interested in this "high tech" equipment.
Used in the show, variety show TV programs collectively known as the digital choreography LED display with LED display (in the industry known as rental screen), to meet the different requirements of the digital stage design, choreography digital LED display with a traditional fixed Structurally, the relevant points and system configuration are very different (in the industry known as Project screen) to install LED display. Just from the color, the digital choreography LED display is a kind of hidden "black" technology.

LED black light
Black surface-mount LED lamp (black light) package concept is the use of digital LED display of choreography born.
Choreography by digital LED display due to watch from the past, a long time, and therefore should not be too high brightness, color and uniformity of the screen surface is very important. Since the dot matrix LED display is composed, LED light complexion, weld defects will affect the visual effects.

To improve the contrast of digital choreography LED display and reduces reflections of stage lighting, LED display packaging factory abroad CREE, NICHIA first developed a black light, domestic LED display packaging factory Lanke Electronics black light technology will do extreme, we developed a product that can provide market darkest level of black lights.
Black light design: devices with full black body package design, made of black material and the combined effect of PPA epoxy resin lamp black beads positive overall bias to better enhance the display contrast; devices colloid surface with matte designed to avoid the light reflected by the mirror effect produced by glue, thus effectively reducing the reflection interference, Screen softer vivid screen display. 

In order to improve the horizontal viewing angle LED display digital choreography and left parallax correction level display problems, Lanke Electronics Engineers in black light package Shihai use the "one" shaped arrangement chip technology to replace the earlier "goods" -shaped arrangement, Lanke 2121 black crystal packaging devices, red, green, and blue light emitters encapsulated in a structure in epoxy resin, a linear arrangement, mixing effect is very good.
Black mask
In addition to black lights, the choreography in digital LED display there is a "black" technology, it is a black mask. Because the mask is located in front of the surface-mount LED lights, so it's the structure of the whole display viewing angle will play an important role. For the same reason, it is the face of the LED display, its color consistency is also crucial, many manufacturers have to exert "injection" technology in order to increase the appearance of consistency Screen, but also on the color of the ink help to enhance the contrast of the display.

After the LED module through a black mask treatment, can reduce the reflection of the screen, when the spacing can not be stamped when a smaller mask, shall consider the gap filling additives. Meanwhile, the black mask to increase the display contrast, screen contrast increased by 5 times after treatment. Pixel pitch P1.6,1.9,2.5 contrast were ≥3200:1,4000:1,5600:1.
Black mask applications, not only for the LED light pipe and PCB board can play a protective role, but also anti-reflective anti-interference, so that the digital choreography LED display for clearer, more vivid colors.
We can say that now is a world-class on the use of the number and size of our country in the choreography with digital LED display. These "black" technology no doubt to these world-class stage design provides a richer means of expression.
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